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Secrets to Getting Discounted Theater Tickets in New York City


Finding discounted theater tickets can be a daunting task. Many people don’t have the slightest clue how to go about it without paying the face value. Well, it depends on how much you are willing to pay. Here are a few secrets to getting cheap tickets without breaking the bank;

Use TKTS discount booths

There are four TKTS discount booths in NYC, including one in the heart of Times Square. Each location offers a different ticketing option. Since the ticket inventory can change within the day, it’s crucial that you visit the TKTS discount booth early. What’s more, you can download the TKTS app to see the discount on a particular day. The discounts range from 20% to 50% off for same day shows. The offshoot TKTS booths at Downtown Brooklyn and South Street Seaport sell the tickets a day early.  Here is a guide to using the TKTS booth.

Rush tickets and Standing room only (SRO)

Most theaters will have some rush tickets for that day’s performance. In some cases, this is the only reasonable way of getting tickets at discounted prices. While most tickets cost $100 for most shows, you can get a ticket for $50. The SRO tickets are available once a performance sells out. They are cheap, but you have to stand throughout the show.

Follow your favorite shows on social media

If there are shows you are dying to see, just follow them on the social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Other than that, you can visit their websites to look at the types of deals they are offering on tickets.

Hit up the ticket lottery

Most shows hold lottery drawings for discounted seats. Alternatively, you can access the many ticketing lotteries on websites, apps and the social media. Ideally, there are two types of lotteries; digital and in-person. For in-person, you should show up two hours before the actual show to put your name in the bucket. On the other hand, a digital lottery requires an app. It’s vital that you have an application on your phone that shows which lotteries to enter.

Take advantage of the cancellation line

Not all seat ends up being claimed. A cancellation line appears less reliable, but it’s still a good option. If you line up at the theater, you can always buy the canceled seats before curtain time. This works if you try to get into the show a couple of hours early.

Bottom line

Getting tickets to the best theater shows requires a lot of planning. There are plenty of ways to get discounted theater tickets. Some are sneakier than others. Use the above tricks to save money as you enjoy your favorite show. There is always a rewarding window for the brave.