Passion in Theatre Music


Moving theatre performance

The reason people really love music, is that it creates a feeling inside of them. Whether that emotion is anger, hurt, love, or excitement, they love to listen to a song that makes them feel like they want to feel, or relates to a motion that they are currently feeling. It’s almost a stereotype in the theatre where someone is going through a heartbreak, then listens to nothing but heartbreak music that makes them feel even worse. It’s not that they’re trying to feel bad, it’s just that they are trying to relate to someone who has that same feeling. And the music brings them that. It also works for positive emotions. Someone who meets that special someone, wants to hear music about falling in love because that’s what they want to feel at the moment.The Theatre is able to bring that to the audience along with the powerful storylines.

Musicians are often chosen to create a certain mood. Mr. Kois, who usually creates video drum lessons is often sought by producers for his ability to create dark music. With that being said, it is important for artists to be sincere when writing their songs. Because the feeling and passion that is created by the music won’t have the desired effect if it is fake or contrived. Now you wouldn’t think that people can tell by listening to a song on stage whether the feelings are real or not, but they can. It comes through in the voice and the choices of words that are written. A very specific picture about what is going on with the singer. I know when I am feeling a certain emotion, I like to listen to songs that are similar. I can listen to 5 songs they have the same theme, about the same subject, but not all of them will inspire me or affect me.

theatre orchestra

Because my subconscious mind will be able to detect whether they are sincere or not. So it is very important for performers and musicians to properly convey their emotion in their work as a real piece of their lives. That means if you’re writing about heartbreak but you are currently in a happy relationship, you must be able to to delve into your soul and remember about heartbreaks of past. You have to create that emotion in your bean and convey it in your song. That goes for all feelings. If you want to sing about growth and success, you have to go back to a time when those feelings became part of your essence, and sing from that point of view. Create with your soul and you can never go wrong.

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